President Trump?

As of midnight Eastern time, it looks like Trump will be our next president.  One wonders about our population.  Yes, the Democrats ran someone wildly unpopular with anyone other than Democrats, but Trump is as crass and dishonest person.  It is no surprise that the people who know him best, those in NY and NJ voted against him.  The real problem is the inability of the Democrats to connect with voters.  In MN, the Democratic party is call the DFL, or Democratic-Farmer-Labor party.  Today most farmers vote Republican. They want their farm programs, but vote for the party that regards farm programs as socialism. Our older folks, of which I am a part of, receive Social Security, yet they too vote Republican, the party that would cancel that program if they could.   The GOP offers Jesus and War.  I guess that wins.

Obama’s presidency, in the end, offered very little.  Yes, he helped stabilize the country after a financial disaster.  But, his solutions were failures.  The ACA is a joke, the cost is individual insurance is simply too high for most people who needed it and even if you can afford the premiums, you cannot use the policy.  The Bush Wars still exist. Obama didn’t solve the problem at all. I don’t know if anyone could.   Yes,  he had horrific opposition but his accomplishments are a joke.

So, I can guess why people voted for Trump, but they seem to be mostly throwing a dart at a blank wall.

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