Christie skewers the House leadership

When the most recent congress ended, it fail to pass a bill to provide for the hurricane Sandy relief.  Past congresses have acted quickly but this time the storm hit the Northeast and it has taken more than 2 months to act.  Here is a quote from a CNN article about NJ governor Christie’s angry response:

“Christie prosecuted the case by pointing out that hurricane relief had been provided more quickly to others: For victims of Katrina after 10 days and victims of Hurricane Andrew in Florida after 30 days. But residents of the New Jersey and New York coast have been waiting 65 days to date for some relief.

Christie also accurately pointed out that Northeast states such as New Jersey and New York send more to the federal government in taxes than they get back in federal aid, unlike many of the red states represented by conservatives in Congress. The “makers versus takers” narratives fall apart fast when confronted with reality.”

Of course the GOP says this will be first on the agenda for the new congress, but that does not excuse the 65 day wait. The GOP used to be strong in the Northeast and Mid-west, but that GOP has been taken over by oilmen, mining companies and former dixiecrats.

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