Hillary or Bernie?

Who should the Democrats pick to run in 2016, Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton?   Its quite a long time from now until the nomination is completed, but I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t think that Hillary Clinton is the stronger candidate.  Sanders is older and anyone who remember the end of the Reagan administration would be wary of picking someone that old for president.   I only wish that we had someone younger than Hillary.   She is about the same age that Reagan was when he ran, so that doesn’t bode well.  Unless the Republicans nominate someone like Mitt Romney, they will make an issue of Hillary’s age, though they might have to find a way of not mentioning Saint Ronnie when they do it.  Sanders is Jewish and even if he is a Senator from Vermont, he still sounds like a New Yorker.  New Yorkers don’t do well when running for national office.  Remember Rudi Giuliani?  I doubt most voters will like what they see when they hear Bernie speak.  Still he is pushing Hillary to the left and that is a good thing.

I have recently looked at Hillary’s website and I haven’t found anything that I disagree with. Still it is very early and what she is saying now may not even be campaign issues in a year.  Again I wish we had someone else to run, but we are stuck with who we have today.


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