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Time for liberals to accept voter ID

Voter ID may be anathema to most Democratic voters, but its day is coming.  A Federal court in North Carolina upheld changes in NC’s voting laws that included the use of voter ID.   It is foolish for liberals to suddenly … Continue reading

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Peace with Iran?

I don’t think anyone whose mind hasn’t been  burned out from too many stimulants thinks we have reached peace with Iran.  Most of us remember the old Soviet Union and some of us remember a time before we had an … Continue reading

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Thoughts About Education Reform

Education reform has become a buzzword, that is a word that is devoid of content.  At age 62 I have heard talk about our failing schools all my life.  After the Sputnik launch,  there was a mad rush to improve science … Continue reading

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What kind of gun control can work?

The recent mass murder in Connecticut has moved a lot of people to propose a ban on assault weapons and large capacity magazines.  If all one wants to do is stop school shootings that is probably a start.  We would … Continue reading

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Happy post-Election Day!

It’s Wednesday afternoon in America November 7th and the good guys won. I followed the campaign news and all the late polls pointed to an Obama win. Still, I am not an optimist so until the first returns started showing … Continue reading

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