Time for liberals to accept voter ID

Voter ID may be anathema to most Democratic voters, but its day is coming.  A Federal court in North Carolina upheld changes in NC’s voting laws that included the use of voter ID.   It is foolish for liberals to suddenly become originalists when talking about voter ID.  The fact that fraud is rare doesn’t make it impossible. All of us use photo ID all the time.  There is no reason why we aren’t expected to use it with something as important as voting.

The Democrats must be part of the solution and not live in the past.  Lets figure out what kind of ID a college student is likely to have and make that part of the forms of ID that are possible.   If there are large classes of people without ID, lets solve that problem instead of crying in our beer.  Most changes in laws affect poor or minorities because they are poor, more than better off white people.   Our society is far more conservative than it was in 1965. The Democrats have spent little time making their case and have let the Republicans win in the court of public opinion.  The need for a photo ID make sense to ordinary people.  The solution is to make getting an ID a painless process.

Many countries require some kind of photo ID.   The US needs to come up with a practical ID system that doesn’t discriminate against poorer folks.

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