After the debate

I did not see the debate live, but I saws snippets after the fact. Yes Obama was listless but Romney was hardly convincing.   Given the rules of debates Romney won.  Did anyone think he was convincing at all? I saw the same smarmy face I always see.   His responses were free of facts.  Romney was rude.   Is rudeness now a virtue?  Romney’s campaign is based mostly on his record as a business manager.  Bain’s business model was to reduce employment.   Is that a model for job creation?   I do see his he now using his healthcare program as an example of an alternative to Obama’s. Yet Massachusetts care is very similar to the Federal program.  Romney is suggesting that we should rely on the states to create the own programs.  Does anyone think that will happen.  The collapse of the economy has left the state strapped for cash.  Massachusetts created its plan during an era of prosperity.  That era has ended.  Massachusetts is the most Democratic state out there and even Massachusetts would not have been able to pass healthcare in the current environment.  Is there anything the Romney proposes that is not simply cut Federal spending and taxes?  The economy did not die because of taxes it died because we had out of control lending institutions.  Neither Romney nor Obama have addressed how to fix that.

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