Brexit – some quick thoughts

If I were voting I would have voted to stay in the EU, but I can understand the frustration of many citizens.    Most people don’t understand exactly what the EU is or does.  Is the refugee policy something that has set by the EU?  The British have never abandoned the Pound so, unlike most of the European members, they control their own financial policy.

The vote is an acknowledgement that globalization isn’t working and most British subjects don’t see what they gain by having Polish or Greek worker helping drive down wages.    Much of what is good in Britain has nothing to do with the EU.   Still there are benefits, travel within Europe is much easier than it used to be and that is a real benefit.  The sense of real unity among European nations, is another benefit.

Terrorism is another issue, we now understand the problems that come with open borders.  The terrorists in France came from Belgium, so a weak member makes all members weak.

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